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Macho man randy savage sunglasses


Shinesty party crew socks white


Not a porn site red shinesty hat


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  • 75% nylon, 25% spandex, 100% hawt
  • Machine wash on delicate with like colors. Tumble dry low. 
  • Raw edge, seamless material means no panty lines baby
  • Acid print material keeps ya bootie extra bright
  • Brand: Shinesty
  • Exclusive prints by Allie T. in Boulder, Co.


First, we shocked the world with the jeado. Then we stunned everyone with our ball hammock boxers. Now we're coming at you with the next viral sensation, our all-new Her Hammock Seamless Thong. Introducing the Daytona Thong Sarong. Aka Jundies. Aka the SHEdo. Aka the Jeanstring. This baby showcases Shinesty's signature denim look on your lady bits that will show anyone who's lucky enough to see it that you are without a doubt unforgettable. We've all had that "oh shit" moment during the come up to the no-pants-dance where you're getting hot and heavy trying to remember what panties you wore out. Well, get ready for hot, mindless sex because that's something you will never have to worry about with Shinesty's sexy thongs. These are going to be those pair of thong panties that you actively look for before Saturday nights filled with quick impulses, unfiltered desire, and dirty martinis. Or the nights where you reign queen at strip poker. We're all about those moments; that's why we decide it's finally time to share the comfort with all our ladies out there. 

Welcome to Vag-halla.



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