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Polarized glacier sunglasses teal and black


The spread eagle neon beanie


Black polarized sunglasses for men


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Why is it called "hot dogging" to show off your skills on the ski slopes? Do skiers eat a lot of hot dogs? Or do only the best skiers eat them? I was under the impression that it was all french fries and pizza on the slopes, but maybe skiers just really like food references. Or maybe hot dogs make you ski better, kind of like the way spinach worked for Popeye. Maybe somebody should open a hot dog stand at the top by the chair lifts. So many questions to ponder, but the one thing we probably know for sure is that if you wear this corduroy trucker hat, you might either develop special ski skills or people will constantly offer you free hot dogs. Either way, cool hat, bro.

Product Details

  • Lightly structured, premium corduroy fabric with mesh tray backing
  • Matching undervisor and plastic snap
  • Brand: Butt Snorkeler

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