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A Hanukkah (aka Hanukah, aka Chanukah) dress even Bubby will approve of. Just make sure you bring a sweater.  

This Hanukkah dress also matches Shinesty's Rock Star of David Ugly Hanukkah Sweater Suit. So get matchy-matchy with your date to Chanukkah dinner or your cousin's Bar Mitzvah, slam some Manischewitz, and burn the candle at both ends for a minimum of eight crazy nights. Bonus: the dark hue of this dress will be less likely to show those greasy latke stains. L'chaim!  Wear this cute dress to an ugly Christmas sweater party and make every one of those goys wish they were part of the tribe. 

Product Details

  • 82% polyester 18% spandex with 4 way stretch so leave the Spanx in the drawer
  • Reversible neckline: you can wear it with either a low scoop-neck style neckline or high boat-neck style neckline, so you can choose either sassy or classy. 
  • Skirt falls just above knee 
  • Brand: Shinesty
  • Designed by: Allie T.

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