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Grandmas giblets thanksgiving turtleneck dress


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For my original thoughts on giblets, please see the matching blazer.

I have since come to terms with the fact that, while incredibly nasty, giblets are some people's idea of comfort food. While they may have absolutely the worst culinary taste in the universe for knowingly consuming "part soup" and going so far as to give the recipe an actual name, people on Team Giblets surely at least have great taste in comfort in general. That's the tie-in for this great pair of Thanksgiving dress pants. Comfort. Like grandma's cooking and the handmade afghan that's been draped over the back of her sofa for as long as you can remember, these pants will bring you comfort this holiday season. Whether or not you're on Team Giblets, you can buy them and wear them to grandma's house. But if you eat giblets while you're there, I do not want to know.

Product Details

  • Made of Premium 100% polyester aka the type of material that makes you look like a gawd damn GQ model
  • brand: Shinesty
  • Designed in Boulder, Co

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