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In an attempt to spread holiday cheer, we seemed to have rubbed a few folks the wrong way with our 2020 holiday catalog. In another attempt to rub those people the right way, we decided to give away a few "I'm Sorry" gifts.
I have boys in this house and i want this magazine stopped coming to my house they have problems with porn even the police have been involved and I want this magazine stopped from coming to my house!!!!

We were simply overwhelmed by the amount of responses. After hours of sifting through over 100 valid reasons for needing this mug, we chose the following three responses as winners.

Curtis is a frontline worker and deserves a mug

Curtis wove a tale of hardships, strength and above all: the existence of chastity in his life. He deserves a mug and all of our thanks for fighting this asshole pandemic on the frontlines.

Cameron just needs a break

Our dear friend Cameron just wants to take a breather, but his girlfriend has been on a strict diet of solely oysters, spicy chili peppers, and chocolate. Her libido is through the roof, and Cameron wants to send a subtle hint. He won a mug to strengthen his relationship outside of the bedroom.

Alayna has a son who won't stop repenting

Girl, you took us for a wild ride with this one. It was out of my hands from start to finish. The mug deserves a home in your hands where you can hop to influence your son's hands.

Kids need new reading material

We couldn't just pick one winner. Out of 50+ responses, there were three extremely deserving parents who won this set of books.

Kyles kid has a mullet

Some learnin' material is headed your way, mostly because your kid has a mullet and you shared a photo of it.

This is kyles son with a sweet ass mullet

We don't want to spoil any surprises on this one, but how could we say no to such holiday cheer?

Spoiler alert: she's pregnant

Last but certainly not least: the world was blessed on the day she decided not to swallow.

serena is glad she didn't swallow
Cousin eddie cute kid

Thank you to the 400ish of you who responded with your unconditional support, your insatiable desire for free gifts and the few of you who responded with more anger. You keep us grounded.

Stay weird.


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