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Visor Sunglasses

Vegas baby! Where a beggar can make billions and a rich man can lose his family name on a single roulette ball all in one night. But the only thing we care about here is Mah Jong, the game of our people, and in order to play with the best, you have to look the part. Enter these visor sunglasses. On top of blocking those bitchass ultra violet lights, these visor clad sunglasses can help you go from throwing dominos in the back alley, to playing high roller Mah Jong with the world’s top dogs, aka Steve “Dolla Bills” Buscemi and Clay “Can’t play” Thompson. Don’t let them see your bluff, and put on some visor sunglasses. Ok if I’m being honest, I do not know any of the rules of Mah Jong or even if it involves dominoes. But if there’s one thing I would bet my inheritance on is that you will look much better at the final table with visor shades than some dweeb ass sunglasses you picked up from the glove box of your dad’s ‘04 Ford Super Duty.

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