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Men's Ugly Christmas Sweater Suits

It is our distinct pleasure to present you with the largest, most unique collection of Christmas suits on the planet (no, this is not what we wanted to be when we grew up but alas we can’t all be astronauts). Ugly Christmas sweaters reigned supreme for damn near a decade, but their time atop the holiday fashion throne has come to an end. Like a divine gift from the heavens, the ugly Christmas suit is here to save would-be-sweater-wearers from the ugly sweater effect (that slightly overweight and unhappy look every sweater wearer experiences regardless of physique or demeanor). Men's ugly Christmas sweater suits don’t just change the game, they take things to a whole new level, and that’s not always good. First time I slid into a Christmas blazer I got inappropriately drunk at my company holiday party and went home with my boss’s 21 year-old daughter… that’s why I now write copy about costumes for a living. But I digress. Do yourself a favor, toss that acrylic p.o.s in the trash, slip into one of these babies, and make this holiday season one for the history books. You’ll thank me later.

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