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St. Patrick's Day Clothing

If you aren’t sinking 8 shots deep into Jameson to slap the sober right outcha-self, chasing that with a pint glass of Guinness and flashing some random dudes off the balcony at Bennigan's, you’re doing St. Patrick's Day wrong. Don’t worry, we’ve got all the ladies St. Patrick’s day outfits and accessories needed to score the luck of the Irish. And by Luck of the Irish we mean a couple sloppy slurps from Kevin, that Alpha Sigma Kappa with the rock hard abs that for some reason constantly shine like a pot of gold. Weird, but sexy. While Erin is going bragh, you have no choice but to don yourself in the finest Green clothing and party for an entire day. Bring on the blarney stone. And don't, by any means, mistakenly spell it "St. Patty's" somewhere a real Irish person will see it. We learned the hard way that St. Paddy = St. Patrick while St. Patty = St. Patricia. Oops. Our bad. 

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