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Strikeforce Energy Drink: An Energetic Alternative To Coffee



More than 80% of adults drink coffee in the US, often indulging in 2 or even 3 cups a day. With caffeine consumption growing rapidly and the concern for the nutritional value of coffee-based beverages, many are looking for unique alternatives to the classic Sunday morning latte.
Enter Strikeforce Energy. A liquid-based caffeine boost that turns any ordinary beverage into an energy-fueled, flavor-filled sports beverage. We put it through a relatively light, fairly easy test to see if it had us jolting like java. Here's what we found:

 Strike Force Coffee Alternative


There are 4 flavors: Grape, lemon, orange and original... And the original tastes oddly similar to your classic red bull. Similar ingredients? We don't know, that's because Strike Force isn't regulated by the FDA, so there are no nutrition facts. Just cold hard energy. 


Strike Force Energy Drink Original Flavor

Strikeforce Original Flavor


Strikeforce's key features is it's ability to turn just about anything into energy. Mix your favorite flavor with sparkling soda, juice, water or just about anything else your tiny mind can think of. Obviously, we chose to mix lemon with sprite, and the result was incredible. 




Strikeforce has revolutionized their packaging, sacrificing their margins to include an ammo case as their primary packaging. While it's probably really expensive, it does a damn good job of making a first impression.



Alternative To Coffee

Strikeforce Ammo Case Packaging 


Fact is, any caffeine substance that comes in an ammo case is sure to get me juiced. Not to mention they have single serving packages and massive pump nozzles in case if you're looking to trigger the fastest heart attack and probably wind up in the Guinness book of world records. 

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