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We've Fired Our Design Team

See anything wrong here?

Neither did we. So, we proudly posted our new St. Paddy's blazer, cracked a cold one, and headed to SHABOOMS! in celebration of our new hero product.

Then, we checked the comments...

It turns out four-leaf clovers have absolutely nothing to do with St. Paddy's Day. And, to answer your question, yes, the design team has been let go. Effective immediately. 

Design, we know you're reading this so please grab a box and move along. It makes it easier on all of us.

Get This Four-Leaf Collector's Item

Were we on a Jame-O, Lucky Charm marshmallow, and Flogging Molly-fueled design bender when we created this? Yes. We thought the "Luck Of the Irish" was with us. So, we went straight to print

...on the jacket you saw.

...and then on this dress.

...and then again on this dress shirt.

We don't know whether to thank Sunny, Tom, and Patricia for keeping us honest; Darcey for helping politely remind Tom that he isn't qualified to speak on the matter; or James for sparking up this dumpster fire.

We Missed The Mark

But You'll Get Lucky Wearing This


Thankfully, we have shamrock designs too...

But, leave it to the trolls to remind you these three-leaf plants aren't safe from criticism either.

Trolls Gonna Troll


Some of you were interested in a different type of merchandise... 

The Man Comes With It, Leslie


 Some of you just wanted to speak your mind...

You Bet It Is, Chan


...we'll leave you with this.

Let's Feck



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