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The Shave Thing

In studying Dollar Shave Club, it hit us. You wouldn't use a lawn mower to trim your azaleas, so why would you use a face razor to tidy
up down south?
Is there a difference between their face razor and our below-the-belt razor? Nope. It's the same damn razor. But like the great Yogi Berra said, "90% of the game is half mental."
How it Works
  • Join Two Dollar Shave Club: A shinesty employee will then sign ou up for Dollar Shave Club.
  • DSC Will Send Us Your Order: We'll repackage it with our logo so you don't forget which razor is for either your hoo-ha or Ricky Wiggle & Shoot Around Boyz.
  • Consider The Booze A Cheap Gift: Guzzle it down or pat it around, it's going to burn either way.



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