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The Everyday (Broke) Girl's Guide to Halloween

Because friends don't let friends be sexy cats.


Women's Spiderweb Halloween Costume Dresses


We get it. We all see beauty bloggers with insane Halloween makeup and outfits they’ve clearly been planning for months. Unfortunately, the majority of us don’t even have enough time for a good Netflix binge, let alone to plan ahead for Halloween...or to wield liquid liner like we’re the Michelangelo of makeup. And we don’t just get free stuff for being Insta-famous (...yet).


The Shinesty team has you covered this year with stupid-easy tips, tricks, and treats to get you outfitted for Halloween quickly, easily, and most importantly...cheaply. With versatile, comfy Shinesty Halloween dresses all under $35, accessories already in your closet, and makeup you already’ll be good to go on the low-low. Save your money for late-night pizza.


Step 1: Choose Your Base Look

Women's Halloween Costume Dresses, Blood Dress, Zombie Dress, Spider Witch Dress


We’ve selected three super-comfy skater dresses to choose from for an easy, cute-but-not-trashy costume! Decide on your mood. Bloody, dead, or witchy.  


Step 2: Use What You’ve Got

After you’ve got your base look, check your closet for everyday items that will go with anything, like black tights, black leather jacket, black shoes/boots, black hats. All black everything. (I mean, have you ever had a good night without listening to Rihanna or Jay-Z first?)



Carrie, The Original Scream Queen

Bloody Carrie Horror Movie Dress


Pair our Bloody Sunday Halloween Dress with:

- Flowers
- Tiara
- Bright pink lipstick
- A smattering of fake blood (or lipstick) on your face
- Black heels




Zombie Gunshot Halloween Costume, Men's Halloween Suit and Women's Halloween Dress


Pair our Gunshot Dress with:

- Black tights
- Heels
- A funky shrug
- Dark oxblood lip
- Layered white and black makeup
- Murderous expression
- Bonus: force your zom-bae to get matchy-matchy in a coordinating suit (let's be real, he doesn't have a costume yet anyway)



 The Spiderwebs Dress (One dress, three ways)

Women's Vampire, Witch, and Spider Halloween Dress Costumes

(Left to right)


The Vamp:
- Smoky eye
- Dark red lipstick (for blood + lip)
- Black booties
- A hankering for blood


The Modern Witch:
- Classic red lip
- Cat eye
- Choker
- Any wide-brimmed black hat
- Leather jacket
- Black boots




Spiderweb Halloween Makeup easy fast cheap black eyeliner tutorial step by step

- Using a credit card or ruler, make a simple spider web design with black eyeliner.
- Pair with funky fake lashes (we got our spidey ones from Target on the cheap) and black liner.
- Wear with leather booties, lace tights, and a bold lip.



And there ya have it. Five looks for less than the cost of a large pizza and a box of wine. 


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