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The Onesie Sleeping Bags of the Future

Every sleeping bag that's come before is child's play.
Gone are the days of wanting to soar like a butterfly, when you can cocoon like a caterpillar. 

We all know bears think people are the soft shell tacos of the wild. Here's how to not be Baloo's Taco Tuesday special. 
Hermetically sealed for your protection. The bear might not see you camouflaged to nature's skin, but by God when you see that thing approach, unzip and let those asstomic bombs you've been storing do the talking.
Not To Mention... 

And If You're Drunk Enough 
And Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Better 
Drink yourself into a coma. Wake up feeling like a million bucks with no hangover, take off the onesie... instant hangover.

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