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Planet Girth

*Read this email in a David Attenborough voice.
The Bush
For the first production of Planet Girth, we're diving deep into the bush- a rarely explored territory often arid and dry 90% of the year.
This changes after monsoon season where many species come to the now moist oasis to wet their trunks and bury their seeds.
However, many dangers await.
All is calm in the bush.  With the sun at its zenith, the lion awakens from a 14-hour slumber ready to seize the day.
However, the male lion is quite a terrible hunter. Seen as a symbol of ferocity, his true nature is nothing of the sort. The lionesses are the true bread winners- the real glue of the pride responsible for all things hunting and killing.
Nonetheless, this lion takes an uncharacteristic chance at a midday snack, which clearly he doesn't need.
Now, with the lion immobilized and his plums in his throat, the two striped asses can begin their pre-coital ritual.


What is a camel doing in the bush?!

This has to be the result of one thing - climate change. Behaviors such as this are becoming more of an occurrence in recent time due to the changing weather patterns. 

Still, he has prevailed and found water.


A truly resilient beast he is. This particular species of camel features an evolutionary adaptation equipping him with a third hump, reserved strictly for mating.

However,  his unfamiliarity with the bush will soon place him in a predicament.


While mostly gentle animals, elephants can deliver 54,000 Pa of force if they feel threatened. This proverbial lowering of the shoulder is too much for this camel to absorb.
All is well in the bush for now. The lion will inevitably pass out soon, the zebra will have to wait another year to mate, the camel will press on, and the elephant will continue to lay the wood in wet areas.
Tune in next week or so to an actual video of Planet Girth that's been 14-minutes in the making.

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