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Performance Polos That Won't Make You Look Like A Frat Lord Named Chaz

Polos get a bad rap. Some say they're too casual to be formal and too formal to be casual. They're the red-headed step child of clothing— you don't know whether to keep it in the closet or take it around town to beat it up a little. However, if JNCO jeans can make it big, these can too.
Here are...
Bowler's Nipple is a real thing. The last thing you want to do during disco bowling is explain to others why your nipples are bleeding through your white Ralph Lauren polo.
Polos and fedoras go together like Craigslist dates and food courts. That's actually not true at all, but we like to think if there's ever someone who would get a date from a Craigslist casual encounter, he'd be sportin' a fedora. At the food court. In a polo.
If you're at the arcade and the ticket-teller isn't wearing a polo with a name tag, you didn't go to a real arcade. Polos are mandatory for every employee, from the go-kart marshall to the batting cage ball boy.
Wearing a polo out of the house is a questionable move, but wearing a polo to an interview is something only a true desperado would try.
The Guys Who Are Determined To Bring Back Polos
They're a Georgia-based clothing company that would choose two-for-one margaritas at Chili's over Fogo de Chão. They're good with moms, they'd leave their wives for Oprah, and if they were a sex scandal, they'd be a hybrid of Anthony Weiner and Brett Farve's (that's one helluva way to describe a polo), with the judiciary outcome of Hulk Hogan vs. Gawker.

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