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Not Totally Safe For Work

NTSFW: Not Totally Safe For Work

Because, by the end of this email, you'll have seen sounds, stripped buck naked, and howled with wolves only to realize you've spent the past nine hours talking to your imaginary pet rock.


7 All-New Party Suits & Blazers

Suitable For:

Wanting to do more of anything and everything, finding your lost friend at a concert, singing songs you never knew you knew, and meeting sketchy strangers in back alleys, but it's cool because your buddy says he's a good, stand-up guy even though he's selling drugs.

Suitable For:

Fluting through the night with Kokopelli, seeing sounds and hearing shapes, having out of body experiences in your body, and taking pictures while you're on a two-day ayahuasca bender in Santa Fe. 

Dance With The Wicked 

 Suitable For:

Looking like the Fourth of July, wanting a hot dog real, real bad, and slamming $10 bottomless mimosas at 10 a.m.

Suitable For:

Nudist Tribe induction ceremonies, wearing clothes in public because it's a "felony" if you don't, high school DJs, and nude photoshoots with co-workers.

Suitable For:

Cradling your sax, playing Sexy Saxman, wanting everyone to know you were born when the Dixie cup print was cool and wasn't stolen from F*ck Jerry just like all of his Instagram posts, and millennial weddings. 

Get A Good Sax Life

Suitable For:

George Bush's Shag Fest 2017,  watching copious amounts of Walker Texas Ranger re-runs, managing 8 Whataburgers, and telling everyone how much better your state is than everyone else's.

It's The Globe's 13th Largest GDP

Suitable For:

Justin Trudeau & free health care, picking up Molsons by the crate, chuggin' maple syrup 'til you get all antsy in your pantsy, and eating a lot of cheese curds on top of fries and gravy.

How Boot That, Eh?


Stay Weird & Drink Milk













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