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New Technical Spread Eagle Ski Bibs

Since Not Everyone Can Ski Naked...

They're as bitchin' as they are technical. With kangaroo stash pockets for the safest of safety meetings, meshed leg vents to air out farts, and High-Performance DWR so you stay dry in wet places, Warren Miller has no choice but to be jealous.

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So, The Snow Never Came.

We've been planning this email for months, but the snow never came. So, we said "fugg it" and went for it. Hey, a man can only wait so long. Plus, we didn't want to blast you with back-to-back-to-back-to-back Christmas stuff.

Good thing we got fresh waxes. 

Truckjoring So Hot

Poles are for strippers and cross-country skiers anyway. 

Cornice Is Safe
Call Your Drop

 For all you hot doggin' park rats out there, crank that DIN up to a knee-busting number. It's time to get sendy.

Hittin' bumps and grabbin' blunts will have to wait.

You Hot Doggin' SOB We know, so meta...minus a ride on the USS Ski Gurney.

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P.S. As soon as we finished this email, winter came. White stuff everywhere.



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