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New Subscription Service You Never Knew You Needed

Last year, our $2 Shave Club changed the way mankind groomed below the beltBut, due to a Cease and Desist order from our former partner, we halted all operations.

But, like for the creator of Keurig, our flash-in-the-pan success also came at an unintended cost...and that ultimately has required an uncommon collaboration.


Hundreds of thousands of inches of hair were being needlessly and indiscriminately thrown away, washed down the drain, or scattered across the bathroom floor each year.

A Revolutionary Solution:

How It Works:

Flowgaine Is Ideal For:

Drug tests, mustaches, and eyebrows. 

Maybe you want a full bush, leg hair, or chest hair for salsa dancing. 

Apply it to your shoulders to keep you warm in the winter. Create an extra set of body hair to burn in case of need for an emergency flare. Make a quilt of human hair for gam-gam...

The list is endless.


But Wait, There's More...
We're not just filling your follicles, we're changing lives through our corporate social responsibility program... 

Through our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, you can feel good about your Flowgaine subscription. Our "Get-One, Give-One" program ensures you get your full bush AND give someone their dream bush, all in one convenient, recurring subscription.

So, Share The Hair!

No Seriously, Subscribe Now. 


In Other News...
We had an entire email planned for which we hired a few Craigslist models down in the Bayou, taught them how to bet on horses, and then hoped they'd make our money back while we took pictures for our Derby email.
But, this blazer's going to be long gone by the time we send that.

Give Us Your Hair & Shine On

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