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Here's what you all did during 2016...

We'll Keep This Short Since Bright Lights Aren't Your Thing Today...

Thank you for 2016. If it wasn't for you guys, we'd be in a van down by the river hosting soup kitchens with a bunch of hobos.

But because of you, we're not. And for that we thank you. 

Here's a re-cap of what you all did during 2016...
You wore what was comfortable,
No matter where you were.
Seriously, you all didn't give a hoot about where you were.



Then, some of you became famous,

and spent your fortune on boats,



Which forced you to drink generic. 



Then, you ate enough brauts to line your esophagus



so you could snowmobile from Alaska to Russia across the Bering Strait,



to fix our international relations with Putin.



All the while, @thekidmcManus bought Christmas Gifts for his Denver Orange Horses family.
And bet @demarcusware that he wouldn't wear the gift during a press conference. He did.



Lastly, you guys also won a World Series.



Thanks again, errbody.  

S'long 2016 & Shine On

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