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A Gaggle of Crossfitters Get Demoralized By One Event, and It's Awesome

I could watch this Crossfit fail video all damn day. Call it what you want, but Crossfit at best is a breakfast club of past Presidential Fitness Challenge renegades gossiping about how many “Thrusters” they’re going to pulverize in the W.O.D. These guys are the loose cannons of modern day exercising getting downright ruthless with some made up workouts for the past decade and it’s time to trim the fat of the exercise world.

Crosfitters, at the base of it, are exercise militants training day in and day out to see who can be the best at exercising on a Saturday morning. Nothing more, nothing less. What happened to the good ole days of 80s aerobics with matching tights, ankle weights, and Richard Simmons prancing around preaching the good word of jazzercise?

There are some tell tale signs we're working with some busch league 'fitters here. We've got clear disregard for the judges "no lift" calls, legs flailing everywhere, and judges with the meanest of muffin tops.

P.S.- You gotta love the judgement call made by the higher-ups to throw some tennis balls on the ends of the hurdles. They knew their hurdle get up was downright ludicrous and endangering. 

Ben Lauderdale
Ben Lauderdale


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Young Turk
Young Turk

September 02, 2015

I knew this shit was written by Smooches before I even got to the bottom! Hilarious

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