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Internet Savior Poses As Target Customer Service and Trolls the Dickens Out of Haters

He goes by Mike Melgaard, and he's pioneering the internet troll game by posing as a customer representative in the midst of Target going gender neutral. When the store recently announced its plan to depart from gender-based signs in 1779 stores, those classmates you barely know from high school who are always hell-bent on voicing their opinion on current events via Facebook took to the store's Facebook page to rip 'em a new one. 

Exhibit A:

Well, Dirty Mike was there waiting with open arms to help neutralize the crisis. But he didn't go by Mike, his alias was "Ask ForHelp" and he was on it like a gawt damn hawk! Take a look at some screenshots to see just how deep in the rabbit's hole Dirty Mike went:


Here is an album with over 57 more interactions.



Ben Lauderdale
Ben Lauderdale


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