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Customer Submitted Photo of the Week + Good View, Read, & Tune

Customer Submitted Photo of the Week
This photo of master cargo ship photographer @CERRONEPHOTO at work got us harder than a moon rock. For most, hanging out of a chopper is more than sufficient to pucker our sphincters down to pebble-size. Not him.

He does it with style and grace. For that, we're tossing him $100 Shinesty Bones so he can keep looking as savage as his photos. Submit yours here. 

"I Can Feel It Down In My Plums"
For those who haven't seen the greatest outtake real of all time, get ready to be baptised in humorous matrimony by Will Ferrell, Danny McBride, and Craig Robinson. There's no telling what we'd do to be a fly on the wall while Ashley takes his plums down to the Famers Market for a 2-plums-for-1 special. 
By the way, happy belated birthday, Nighthawk. 

Squirrel Gets Tanked, Causes Mayhem
It happens every-now-and-then. A squirrel takes a stroll into town while searching for a midsummer's nut. Instead, it happens upon the Fountain of Youthcold gold barley pops. You can guess what happens next...it gets LIT!
Read here about the squirrel's bender in England that caused 300 pounds in damage at a nice, tranquil Worcestershire country club.

"Sorry, I Didn't Know It Was Your Momma"
It's one of those tunes that'll make you kickstart the search for Stacy's mom again. Lenny Williams made a love tune called, "Sorry, I Didn't Know it Was Your Momma" and it'll give you some feels. 
Little added bonus...if you don't know why we chose this picture to lead you into the song, go ahead and google "Delonte West and Lebron's Mom."Nevermind, we did it for you.

Ben Lauderdale
Ben Lauderdale


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