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6 Ways to Blow Your Tax Refund

For those who haven't already spent your refund on Charmin double-ply or extra guac at Chipotle, here are a few ways to blow that newfound income of yours.
1. Start Cookin' with Coolio
Step up your chef game with classics like "Appetizers 4 Dat Ass" and "Pasta Like a Rasta". Your kitchen is now a gangsta's paradise.
2. Send a Bag of Dicks to the IRS

Getting a $20 check from the IRS is like a 1-minute sexual encounter. You still get some, but it could have been a lot better. Since you did all that work for practically nothing, here is your chance to tell them how you really feel. Here's its address:

Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service Center
Austin, TX 73301-0215


3. Spray Cash with the Strip Club Cash Cannon
$59.99 + Said Cash

 It's the most satisfying way to pay for a dance. In a matter of seconds, you can watch all those hard-earned Washington's go toward rent. 

4. Pop Bottles Like a Bugsy Seigel
$459 (reg. $499) + Magnums of Cristal


Assert dominance over your neighboring bottle service at the club by Al Capone-ing their ass and dousing their champagne sparklers out.

5. Unpainted Dinosaur Head Mount
$220 + Shipping and Tax


It's totally unnecessary and completely immature, but it may just help you impress that one person who's dumb enough to believe it. 

6. Pedal Pub
$40,000 + Drinks

It's time to own the Tour de France of pubs. You burn the calories immediately and if you get pulled over, everyone splits the BUI. 


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