“To Be (In Underwear) Or Not To Be (In Underwear). That Is The Question (We’ll Be Discussing In This Blog Post).” - William Shakespeare

Have you ever stopped to think about why we wear underwear in the first place? After all, we’re not born wearing underwear. Nature clearly prefers we go commando. In fact, every single other living creature besides humans will go their entire life without ever putting on a pair of underwear. Sometimes you’ll see a little monkey wearing a diaper, but I don’t think that counts. Plus that opens up the whole debate about “Are diapers underwear?” On the one hand, they’re worn under pants. On the other hand, you’re SUPPOSED to poop in them. But that’s a blog post for another day.

Believe it or not, there are actually scientific reasons why wearing underwear keeps you healthier. It provides a barrier between your skin and your clothes which helps prevent the spread of germs. Let me ask you a question: How often do you wash your jeans? Never, right? Same. And while that keeps your jeans comfortable, it also keeps them riddled with germs. Underwear keeps those germ off of (and out of) your genitalia. Ever have a UTI? Ever want to have ANOTHER UTI? Didn’t think so. Keep bacteria away from your junk.

underwear purpose

Is underwear really necessary?

I mean technically no. But then again, are ANY clothes really necessary? After all, we’re not born wearing clothes. Nature clearly prefers we–oh wait I already said this.

What is the purpose of underwear?

The main purpose of underwear is to build tension in the bedroom between when you take off your pants and when you finally reveal your equipment in all its glory. Skip this step and you're missing a tantalizing way to increase the erotic energy of the moment.

The second main purpose of underwear, as stated above, is personal hygiene. Some people would argue that this is actually MORE important than creating a titillating sexual atmosphere for your love making. These people are clearly bad in bed and should be avoided at all costs.

What about panties? Is it good to not wear panties?

I think we’re having a miscommunication here. I’ve been using the word underwear to describe both men’s and women’s underwear. My bad. I tend to avoid the word panties. 

Good or bad is a matter of personal preference. Even then, you don’t just have to pick one side or the other. You can wear underwear one day and not wear it the next. Heck, you can even wear underwear one minute and not the next minute. Although fair warning, putting on and taking off underwear every 60 seconds will eventually affect your quality of life.

Is it good to sleep naked?

I can answer that question with another question. How often would you like to wash your sheets? Because after a few nights of tossing and turning in bed while sleeping naked, those sheets are gonna smell a whole lot like your butt.

What are the benefits of wearing underwear vs not wearing underwear?

Let’s break it down with a helpful list of pros and cons. 

Wearing Underwear

  • Pro: You’ll avoid chafing in your sensitive regions.
  • Con: You won’t have any cool chafing scars that make you look like a badass.
  • Pro: You get to show off your personality with fun underwear patterns.
  • Con: People might think you’re more fun than you really are and feel misled, betrayed, and bitter when they learn the truth.
  • Pro: The thing I said earlier about building sexual tension in the bedroom.
  • Con: The thing I said was pretty stupid.

Not Wearing Underwear

  • Pro: You’ll experience great air circulation around your nether regions.
  • Con: People nearby you will experience the scent of your musky nether regions circulating around them.
  • Pro: You’ll save a bunch of money by not buying underwear.
  • Con: When your wallet gets too heavy with all that extra money, it’s gonna make your pants fall down and then everyone will see your privates because you’re not wearing underwear.
  • Pro: You’ll have to do laundry less often.
  • Con: What if you were going to meet your soulmate in a laundromat but now that you do laundry less frequently you never cross paths and you end up marrying someone who turns out to be a serial killer?

As you can see, there are valid points to be made for each side. So what now? Great question.

So What Now?

Ultimately, the choice is yours. But if you decide to wear underwear, that’s only the beginning of your undergarment adventure. Next you’ll have to pick a style, size, pattern, and quantity to purchase. The options may seem overwhelming, but this is the fun part. We’ve got a great selection of supportive MEN’S UNDERWEAR and comfortable WOMEN’S UNDERWEAR to help you get started. 

And if you decide NOT to wear underwear and go commando, we’ve got a great selection of killer SUNGLASSES to help you complete your transformation into a badass fashion rebel.

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